State vs. Federal Bail

The Federal Bail Process

While federal bail and bail bonds do have similarities at the state level, there are also many differences. These differences can really seem confusing to a person arrested for a federal crime as well as their loved ones.

Like any other bail, the first step is for the judge to set the bail. In this instance, bail is set at a hearing by a magistrate. The magistrate does not use any form of bail schedule but decides on a case by case basis what bail should be or if it should be allowed at all.

Since bail for federal cases is higher, most people will need to use a bail bonds agency like Orange Bail Bonds to get out. The federal government requires a 15% bond fee for such cases instead of the 10% at state level.

Once bail is posted, there is an extra step in the federal jail release process. A nebbia hearing must occur. A nebbia hearing’s purpose to to make sure that the money or property used for bail has come from a legitimate and legal source.

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