Jail Release Options

Your Jail Release Options in Orange

When you get arrested, you have a large range of options for release. Many people think that they either pay the full bail or they have to stay behind bars. This is really not the case.

If you have the money upfront you can pay the entire bail in cash or a cashier’s check. If you do not have that money, that’s when you need to talk to a bail bonds agent.

A bail bonds agent can post bail for you, and all you have to pay is a bond fee. The bond fee will be 10% of the total bail. Most bail bondsmen can work out a payment plan, and some may even approve you with no collateral. However, there are rare instances when this 10% is even too high.

In some crimes bail may be set extremely high, and you may have to use a property bond to get out. A property bond is when you use your property like your home or car as bail. The court will put a lien on your property so that if you decide to skip a court date, they can foreclose on the lien.

Jail Release Without Bail

There are two instances when you can get out of jail without having to use bail.

The first way is a cite out. If your crime was very minor, the court will issue you a citation at your arraignment. You will receive a court date and then released.

The second way you can be released without bail is on your own recognizance. This means that the judge has reason to believe you will show to all court dates without some form of monetary assurance. This is usually only the case if you have a steady job and a family in the area.

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