Following Arrest

The Arrest Process in Orange, CA

Most arrests occur due to probable cause rather than a warrant. Once the arrest occurs the offender is taken to a jail or other law enforcement agency for processing and booking. The only exception to this is of the person needs medical attention. If they do they must be first taken to the hospital.

Once at the jail, the person will be searched and have all of his or her belonging removed. Personal items are inventoried and held for the defendant, and any contraband is confiscated to use as evidence.

The booking process is where they get information like name, address, phone number, social security, and so on. Photographs and fingerprints will be taken, and a background check will be performed. If there are any outstanding warrants in other counties, the offender may have to be transferred there.

After booking is when phone calls will be allowed. The offender is allowed three phone calls by law; one to a lawyer, one to a loved one, and one to a bail bonds agent. Some may choose to let a loved one handle the bail bonds process for them. If a loved one calls you from jail for this purpose be sure to get all the information you can.

After booking and phone calls, the defendant must wait in the jail cell for the arraignment to occur. The arraignment will formerly charge the person and set the bail amount.

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