Bounty Hunters

The Work of a Orange Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters used to be anyone who saw a wanted poster and went after the criminal on the poster for a reward. Today, bounty hunters are known as fugitive recovery agents. Their job is to track down those that do not appear for their court dates, and in return, they are paid a percentage of the bail. Most bounty hunters work for a bail bonds agency.

Being a fugitive recovery agent can actually be a very lucrative career, but it can also be difficult or even dangerous.

When they start a job they are given information such as name, address, and social security number that they must use to help locate the bail jumper. This requires some investigative research. Sometimes, the agent might start on the Internet and try to find out information like the location of family members and friends or places that the fugitive frequents.

From there, the bounty hunter will most likely spend some time staking out places and searching the property of the fugitive for clues. The bounty hunter is allowed to enter all property owned by the defendant as they have given up their rights by not appearing in court. It gets tricky, however, when the agent needs to enter the property of family members. The fugitive recovery agent must have a warrant or permission to do this.

Because the fugitive has sacrificed his or her legal rights by skipping town, another right that a bounty hunter is given is the right to arrest the fugitive without reading their rights.

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