Expert Orange Bail Bonds Services

At Orange Bail Bonds we promise that you will be working with experienced and licensed bail bondsmen who can provide convenient service 24/7. As soon as bail has been set by a judge, our agency can post bail.

We will come to you to fill out all necessary paperwork and set up a payment plan if necessary. Financial circumstances should not be the reason you or a family member stays in jail.


State bail bonds have become second nature to us. This fast process begins as soon as paperwork is filled out. Once the bail amount is set and the paperwork is prepared, your loved one will be out and home to you in no time.


Orange Bail Bonds can assist in federal bail bonds as well. If you find yourself needing to post bail in a federal case, the process can be quite overwhelming. You need an experienced bail bonds agent by your side to explain the process to you and walk you through it. Federal bail bonds are much different than those at the state level, but we know exactly how they work.


Sometimes, one of the most important things you need when facing a criminal charge is advice. Many people just don’t know how legal processes work or how to get out of jail once arrested. Our company can let you know all of your options for release from jail as well as how each one works and applies to you. Contact us now for a consultation, and we can begin helping you right away. Call 714-333-2908.